Overseas Emergency Assistance

Worldcare is backed by a global group of companies, ready to assist if things go awry when you are away from home

24/7 Emergency Call Centre

People who are trained in handling medical emergencies and providing support to make you feel at ease

Optional Cover Extras

For an additional cost, you can include cover for additional activities, increase the limits that apply to valuables or vary the base excess on your policy



What is travel insurance and how does it work?

Travel Insurance is a way of insuring yourself against those unexpected mishaps that can pop up on holiday and cost you money. If something goes awry on your trip, you can make a claim and if it’s covered by your policy, you may be entitled to be reimbursed for all or part of the cost (subject to any excesses that may apply).


What does Worldcare offer?

PLEASE NOTE: The below is a summary only. *Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply.  Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Pre-existing Medical Conditions

We cover a large number of pre-existing medical conditions. Simply complete our medical assessment in order to apply for cover for your pre-existing medical condition*. Additional premiums may apply.

Why choose Worldcare Travel Insurance?

A name you can trust

We’ve been helping Aussie travellers for more than 35 years, and our policies are underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited.So you can count on us for travel insurance if things don’t go to plan.

Flexibility, choice, and great value

Our Travel Insurance cover allows you to choose the level of cancellation cover you need as well as giving you the option to increase the cover on valuable items you may wish to take with you.*  We also provide the option to vary the excess you pay if anything goes wrong when travelling.

We are Global

Through our global support network, we have medical experts ready to help, who are located in just about every location you are likely to visit.

Let us take Worldcare of you

At Worldcare we arrange your insurance, answer any questions you have, provide emergency medical assistance, and help with your claim.



Frequently Asked Questions

If you’re travelling internationally without travel insurance and something goes wrong, you could incur significant out-of-pocket expenses, especially in the event of a medical emergency or if you require emergency assistance.

When travelling overseas, travel insurance can be especially important to cover you for:*

  • emergency medical bills
  • emergency assistance
  • cancellations or delays to your trip outside of your control
  • stolen or lost luggage
  • many other unfortunate situations

Lost or stolen luggage, cancellations and delays or an accident in your hire car could all leave you out of pocket and these are just some of the things Domestic travel insurance can cover you for*.

Read more about Domestic Travel Insurance.

*Terms, conditions, limits and exclusions apply.  Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details

The cost of your policy is dependent on a number of factors including your destination, how long you’re going for, your age, any pre-existing medical conditions you may have and any extra inclusions you choose.

It’s a good idea to compare travel insurance quotes to ensure you are getting coverage that suits your needs for a competitive price.

That’s up to you. When buying a policy for a single trip you’ll be asked the start and end date of your journey.

You can also purchase annual travel insurance known as a Multi-Trip policy. This covers multiple journeys for 12 months, up to your nominated maximum journey period of 15, 30 or 45 days. These year-long travel insurance policies provide all the benefits of comprehensive cover. 

Read more about Multi-Trip Insurance.

Travel insurance exclusions are certain circumstances, activities, items or equipment that an insurer will not provide cover for. That means you are responsible for any costs incurred due to an excluded incident or related to an excluded item.

Exclusions are listed in the Product Disclosure Statement of a travel insurance policy.

Travel insurance excess is the amount which will be deducted from any claim paid to you under the sections of your policy to which an excess applies. Some policies allow for a base excess to be increased (which lowers the premium you have to pay) or decreased (which increases your upfront premium).

You will be advised which options are available to you at the time you purchase your policy.
In some circumstances Worldcare may impose a medical excess for claims arising from certain medical conditions.

We will inform you in writing if any additional excess applies.

Snow and adventure packs have an additional excess of $500 per pack, which can't be changed or removed.

Overseas Medical & Hospital Expenses or Cancellation claims arising from your participation in snow sport or adventure activities will incur a $500 excess in addition to your chosen base excess.

Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

A pre-existing medical condition is a condition, including a dental condition or mental illness, of which you were, or a reasonable person in your circumstances should have been, aware of at the time of issue of the Certificate of Insurance, and including certain conditions up to two years prior (see the Product Disclosure Statement for full details).

Worldcare Travel Insurance includes a large number of pre-existing medical conditions that we cover at no extra cost. 

In order to get cover for your pre-existing medical conditions (including those which we cover without additional charge), when getting a quote, if you click ‘Yes’ to ‘Pre-existing medical condition?’ our online medical assessment tool will guide you through the assessment process. You should also check the definition of pre-existing medical condition in the Product Disclosure Statement to see if you have a pre-existing medical condition. If you are still unsure, please contact us.

If you have already purchased your travel insurance policy, then any new medical condition that arises after that date is not considered a pre-existing medical condition and you would not need to pay an additional premium, subject to the terms, conditions, exclusions and limitations listed in the Product Disclosure Statement.

For emergency assistance Allianz Global Assistance is only a telephone call away. Allianz Global Assistance is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you are in Australia, simply dial 1800 010 075

For all other countries, dial +61 7 3305 7499.

Additional charges may apply for any calls made from mobiles, public telephones or hotel rooms.

Please note that Allianz Global Assistance will not pay for any hospital or medical costs incurred in Australia.

Allianz Global Assistance is a supplier of travel insurance and medical assistance. The Allianz Global Assistance Australian headquarters is located in Brisbane City, Queensland.

The purpose-built Global Response Centre is an environment that operates 24 hours, 365 days a year, and is supported by sophisticated telecommunications and information technology systems.

The Allianz Global Assistance team consists of in-house specialists including doctors, registered nurses, aero medical experts, mechanics, property experts, travel experts and support personnel, as well as access to multilingual staff and translation services.

You can submit a claim upon your return to Australia or while still on your trip. You can lodge a claim online 24 hours a day or obtain a claim form at www.travelclaims.com.au. You can also contact us should you require any help on medical matters.

If you have received medical treatment as an outpatient while overseas and the costs are less than $2,000, you would normally pay for the treatment, obtain a medical report from the treating doctor and keep all medical receipts and associated expenses to lodge your claim on your return home.

At any time, you can call the 24/7 Worldcare team for advice regarding this process.

If the treatment is likely to exceed $2,000, then you should contact us as soon as possible. Our team will support you through the process of lodging your claim while you are travelling.

The team will be able to speak with the medical facility in order to advise them of the requirements of the claim process to confirm cover. We may be able to authorise payment directly to the facility for you.

Please call us on 1800 440 806 (Monday to Friday, 8am-7pm; Saturday, 8am-5pm AEST) or email us at TravelHelpdesk@allianz-assistance.com.au If you cancel within 14 days of your Certificate of Insurance being issued, provided you have not started your journey and do not intend to make a claim you will be refunded the full premium paid.

If a COVID-19 border closure or mandatory quarantine period prevents you from travelling, or requires you to shorten your journey while travelling, you may be entitled to receive a partial or full premium refund.  Please refer to the Supplementary Product Disclosure Statement for more details.

Please note, eligibility criteria applies.

If you have any questions please call us on 1800 440 806 (Monday to Friday, 8am-7pm; Saturday, 8am-5pm AEST) or email us at TravelHelpdesk@allianz-assistance.com.au

This product has a general exclusion, with limited exceptions, against epidemics and pandemics. That means we don’t cover claims that arise from, or are related to, an epidemic or pandemic. However, you are covered under selected benefits in this product if, during your period of cover, you are positively diagnosed as suffering a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic, such as COVID-19. Refer to the Product Disclosure Statement to see which benefits offer cover in the event that you contract a sickness recognised as an epidemic or pandemic, and the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply.

PLEASE NOTE: there is no cover under any benefit of this policy if your claim arises because you did not follow advice or a warning that has been issued by the Australian Government or a reliable mass media source.

You can always make a claim for consideration.  All claims for cancelling, shortening or rescheduling due to an epidemic or pandemic, such as COVID-19, will be assessed in accordance with the facts and circumstances of your claim and the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions of your policy

There is no cover under any benefit of this policy if your claim arises because you did not follow an advice or warning that a reasonable person would have been aware of:

Before purchasing travel insurance, and while you’re travelling, check Smartraveller and Allianz Partners for travel alerts or advisories for your intended destination(s).  Please note, this also applies even if the Australian government has given you permission to travel, or you fall under a specific exemption where there is otherwise a travel ban in place.

Tip! Subscribe to Smartraveller to receive travel alerts and advisory updates via email.

Refer to the General Exclusions in our Product Disclosure Statement for a full list of exclusions.