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Worldcare Travel Insurance

Enjoy complete protection while you're away with Worldcare. For more than 20 years Australians have chosen us for their travel insurance. We have a range of high-quality, award-winning, competitively-priced cover options and we look forward to welcoming you on board soon. We're here for you no matter where your travels take you. [continue reading]

Underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited we have the size and expertise to help no matter where you travel.

Overseas Assistance Testimonials

"Your efficient service gave me and my wife knowledge that we were being looked after without any hassles while travelling."

John Arkinstall, Bellara in Queensland

"Your Customer Service team deserves accolades. Extremely fast response, extremely good communication."

Colleen, Frankston in Victoria

"I cannot express enough gratitude to your staff for their excellent networking, communication and organisational insurance is a must."

Peter Murphy, Donnybrook in Western Australia

"You have exceeded all of my expectations and beyond. I'm so grateful with the assistance provided and it gave me and family such relief in the darkest of times."

"Never before have I felt so looked after. Whilst skiing in the US, I broke a bone in my knee and did some ligaments. I found myself in severe pain, aided only by the beautiful service I received from Worldcare and its amazing employees. Clare and Louise were in constant contact and completely understanding of my situation. I can't thank you both (and Worldcare) enough. I will be sure to tell every single person I know of your impeccable service and caring nature!"

Michael from Lane Cover in New South Wales

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