If you love to travel, you’ll be more than likely to visit more than one country this year. Or maybe you are going to visit a large number of countries on a massive around the world trip (lucky you!).

If that’s the case, you might want to consider purchasing a worldwide travel insurance policy.

What is Worldwide Travel Insurance?

Worldwide travel insurance is a policy that is designed to cover travel to many countries. However, coverage may be affected or declined where a claim arises because you didn’t follow advice issued by a government, official body, or published in a reliable mass media source relating to your destination (e.g. “reconsider your need to travel” or “Do Not Travel”).

What are the benefits?

Flexibility is the main benefit and best thing about purchasing travel insurance for worldwide coverage. You can keep your travels spontaneous and decide where to go on the run, giving you the freedom to visit places we cover whenever you want.

What does it cover?

You can select the ‘Worldwide’ option for our Essentials, Comprehensive and Multi-trip travel insurance planswhich provides differing levels of cover depending on your budget and your needs.

The Worldcare Travel Insurance Comprehensive Plan is one of our highest levels of cover and is available to travellers of all ages. Optional add-on packs can be purchased for an additional cost, based on the activities you may be undertaking—such as the Snow Pack, Cruise Pack, and Adventure Pack. There are also options to increase specific item limits for your luggage.

In addition, the Worldcare Multi-Trip Plan (or Annual Plan) provides cover for multiple journeys over a 12 month period, and you can choose your maximum trip duration (either 15, 30 or 45 days). Our Multi-trip plan is only available to travellers who are under 75 years at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued.

Our Essentials Plan is designed to cover personal liability, overseas emergency medical, hospital and medical costs and overseas emergency assistance, plus a little more, including some cancellation and other expenses*. Our Essentials Plan is only available to travellers aged under 75 years at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued.

To be eligible to purchase any of these Worldcare Travel Insurance plans, your trip needs to depart from and return to Australia.

*Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and applicable sub-limits apply. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details

Steps to make sure you are insured on a Worldwide Travel Insurance policy

When filling out the Worldcare Travel Insurance quote fields, you will be asked what country or countries you will be travelling to. If you’re going to multiple places or are unsure of which places you are visiting at the time of purchase, consider choosing ‘Worldwide’. In some instances, though, a Worldwide Travel Insurance policy may be more expensive because it’s designed to cover more destinationsplease ensure you explore all available options before making your decision.

Before you set off, make sure you have the right policy and that it covers every country you’re going to visit. There is no use claiming on an incident in the USA when you’re only covered for Europe. The Product Disclosure Statement is a useful starting point, as it lists out the regions and countries that are covered for travel.

And while your coverage is ‘worldwide’, your cover might be affected when travelling to some countriescheck the Smartraveller website to see the latest travel alerts and warnings.


What is Multi-Trip Travel Insurance?

You can select the destination ‘Worldwide’ when purchasing a Multi-trip Travel Insurance policy. This is a 12-month policy with the benefits of our Comprehensive cover and is available to travellers who are aged under 75 years at the time the Certificate of Insurance is issued*. This covers you for multiple trips in and out of Australia. The maximum journey period for any one trip is 15 days, 30 days or 45 days. Also, all of your journeys on a Multi-trip plan must be more than 250 kilometres from your home.

The benefits of multi-trip travel insurance are that you can go overseas whenever you wish without having to buy a separate travel insurance policy each time.

*Terms, conditions, exclusions, limits and applicable sub-limits apply. Please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement for full details


What if I need to make a claim on my worldwide trip?

If, for some reason, you need to make a claim on your big trip overseas, notify Worldcare Travel Insurance immediately with one phone call, and lodge a claim online at www.travelclaims.com.au.

See more at our Lodge a Claim page.

Don’t forget to read the policy wording in the Worldcare Travel Insurance Product Disclosure Statement so that you understand what is covered and what you need to do in the event of a claim.

Otherwise, enjoy your big trip!

Worldcare Travel Insurance by Allianz Global Assistance offers Essentials Travel Insurance, Comprehensive Travel Insurance and Multi-Trip Travel Insurance for your trip overseas, and Domestic Travel Insurance for your trips within Australia. Get a quote from Worldcare today!