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Travel insurance is probably the least adventurous thing you can think of. But it makes sense to be covered for injury, losses or cancellation if you're planning on going beyond your comfort zone.

Worldcare Travel Insurance Comprehensive Insurance policy* covers a range of adventure activities such as surfing, mountaineering, bungee jumping, white-water rafting, canyon swinging and scuba diving, plus more, in most destinations you're likely to visit.

If you are injured, we can cover overseas emergency medical and hospital expenses, and can also provide overseas emergency assistance and medical evacuation. So we can get you off the mountain or out of the river, and to hospital, quickly. Our travel insurance provides assistance services including any messages which need to be passed on to your family or employer in the case of an emergency. We also provide cover for many losses outside your control, such as flight cancellations due to weather and lost luggage and personal effects by an airline.

In some countries, such as the United States, the cost of getting you to hospital and receiving quality medical treatment can be very expensive. It's worth condsidering taking out cover with Worldcare - so you can have peace of mind and just focus on the experience.

*Exclusions and limitations apply. Please refer to Product Disclosure Statement for full details.

Automatically included activities

Your policy provides cover for claims arising directly from your participation in the following activities, subject to the terms, conditions, limits and exclusions that apply to the section under which your claim is made and the General Exclusions Applicable to all Sections:

  • aqua zorbing;
  • archery;
  • bar and restaurant work (except security or crowd control);
  • bicycling (but not bicycle motorcross (BMX) or downhill mountain biking);
  • bungee jumping or canyon swinging;
  • camel, donkey or elephant riding (under appropriate supervision);
  • dancing;
  • dog sledding;
  • diving underwater at a depth no greater than 10 metres;
  • diving underwater using an artificial breathing apparatus at a depth no greater than 10 metres (you must hold an open water diving licence recognised in Australia or dive with an instructor licensed for these activities);
  • fishing (on land or within 2 nautical miles of a land mass);
  • fruit picking that does not involve the use of machinery;
  • go-karting;
  • golf;
  • gym activities (but not powerlifting);
  • gymnastics (but not competitions);
  • horse riding (but not competitions, equestrian events, steeple chasing, jumping, or polo);
  • ice skating on a rink (but not including competitive skating, racing, speed skating, and tour skating);
  • indoor rock climbing (under appropriate supervision);
  • leisure activities (meaning any activities involving minimal physical exertion that are undertaken for relaxation or pleasure. For example, sight-seeing, picnics, photography and museum or art gallery visits); • motorcycle, scooter or moped riding (restrictions apply - refer to General Exclusion A.11);

  • music and singing;
  • orienteering;
  • paintball (with eye protection);
  • racing on foot (other than professional foot racing) for distances up to and including full marathon (42.2 kilometres or 26.2 miles);
  • racquet and ball sports not involving physical contact;
  • regulated or licensed ballooning;
  • river cruising;
  • safari (under appropriate supervision) but not hunting;
  • sailing up to 10 nautical miles off any land mass;
  • shark cage diving (subject to diving restrictions listed above);
  • shooting (fixed target only);
  • skateboarding, roller skating, inline skating (but not including vert skating or acrobatics);
  • snorkelling at a depth no greater than 10 metres;
  • soccer;
  • surface water activities in rivers or rapids graded I, II or III under the International Scale of River Difficulty, or lakes or canals;
  • surface water activities (other than sailing) up to 2 nautical miles off any land mass;
  • track and field athletics; and
  • walking, hiking, trekking or tramping, peaking at altitudes up to 3,000 metres where specialist climbing equipment is not required (but not expeditions to or on the Kokoda Track/Trail).

All other activities are excluded from cover under your policy, subject to any additional options that have been purchased and are listed on your Certificate of Insurance.

Find out more in our Product Disclosure Statement to find out all the things we cover, as well as our exclusions and claims process.

It's easy and convenient to book your travel insurance directly online with Worldcare. If you would like more information, or just prefer not to book online, you can also contact our Call Centre 24 hours, 7 days.

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