What Makes Sochi So Special

Posted on January 30, 2014
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Sochi is a beautiful city located in Russia. While Russia may not be on everyone’s must-do list, it is a spectacular country to visit, known for its icy climate and lush greenery. However, Russia is so much more than this, and the pearl of the Russian Riviera, Sochi, offers guests a unique and authentic escape from the daily grind.

Interested in seeing what makes Sochi so special? Use this handy guide to get you started.


Travelling to and from Sochi is an adventure in itself. While you may fly into the country to begin with, there is nothing like cruising the Black Sea or catching the Moscow Sochi train into the burgeoning seaside town! Enjoy the sights, take in the fresh salt air and enjoy a relaxing ride to add something a little special to your trip.

Culture And History

Sochi has a rich past with lots to see and do. If you want a little fun in the sun, the Riviera Park is a theme park with a long history, offering cafes, art galleries, statues and amusement rides, perfect for the adventurous. If you are looking for something a little more laid-back, the Sochi History Museum gives an interesting look at the area’s history, set amongst beautiful architecture and manicured gardens. Stalin’s Summer Residence is another great spot offering intimate insight into one of Russia’s most famous leaders, as well as showing how the upper class lived in the early 1900s.


One of the best things to enjoy when it’s cold is a hearty meal and Sochi has some of the best food and drinks to warm you from the inside out.

One of the most popular Russian dishes in the region is shish kabobs. Featuring chunky cubes of meat marinated and put on skewers to cook over a grill, shish kabobs can be seen everywhere, traditionally served with vegetables, herbs and red sauce. The perfect beachside snack!

Magnolia Cheese Balls are another popular Russian dish, available in virtually every Sochi restaurant. The meal is usually paired with a beer or glass of wine. As the name suggests, these snacks are made with a lot of cheese and come with a crunchy sesame seed coating.

Maslenitsa is a celebration also known as 'Pancake Week'. Served during this time are blini, which are small, yeast-raised pancakes topped with a range of different savoury and sweet ingredients. Thinner, crepe like pancakes called blinchiki are also served during this holiday. This year, Maslenitsa will be celebrated at the end of February, but the dish will most likely be available before then.


If you like holidaying in the great outdoors, Sochi is the place for you! Although the area is known for its colder weather, the Sochi region is warm enough in the summertime for a great beach trip, but also cold enough in the winter to follow the Winter Olympic greats into the snow-peaked mountains. Swim in the Black Sea in summer and lounge on the beach, ski or hike the Caucasus Mountains in winter or go on an excursion to the forests in the region’s outskirts – whatever you are looking for, Sochi has something for everyone.

This is just a mere taste of all that Sochi has to offer. To find out more, plan a trip to the Pearl of the Black Sea today! And don’t forget to get your travel insurance from Worldcare, Australia’s trusted travel insurance provider.

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