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Top 10 best music festivals from around the world

Check out the best music festivals on every continent in the world.

Australia and the Pacific

Worldcare Australia - Australian Music Festivals

North America & Canada

One of the best music festivals in America is held in a desert in California. Coachella is known for rock, indie, hip hop and electronic dance music.

Another one of the most varied and best music festivals in the States is South by Southwest (SXSW), or, as it’s commonly known as ‘South by’. It’s not just music at this Texas event, it also includes film, technology and design.

Lollapalooza is another one of the best music festivals to see a wide range of music.

Worldcare Australia - Coachella Music Festival

The Calgary Stampede is held each year in Canada. The most famous, and arguably the best music festival for country music fans is the Country Music Festival in Nashville, Tennessee.

New Orleans is one of the best music festivals for lovers of Jazz.

South America

Worldcare Australia - South American Rock Festival

Tomorrowland, held in Brazil, is a massive music event that celebrates electronica, and is one of the best musical festivals in the world for this genre. Rock in Rio is another gem in Brazil.

Creamfields in Argentina and Storyland in Colombia are two events on any music-lover’s calendar.

UK & Europe

Worldcare Australia - Folk Music Festivals

The Budapest Spring Festival brings together classical music, opera, jazz and folk music.

Travel the lengths of the river on the Danube Music Festival, exploring some of the best music festival events of the region.

Hellfest, held in France, is considered to be the best music festival in the world for heavy metal music fans.

The UK has a plethora of events, including some of the most famous and best music festivals in the world including:

The Middle East

Worldcare Australia - Electronic Music Festival


Worldcare Australia - African Music Festivals

Malawi’s Lake of Stars festival has been called one of the best music festivals in the world. Set on a lake and with a diverse line-up, it’s easy to understand why.

Swaziland is host to one of the best music festivals for world music – BushFire.

South Africa hosts a music festival that is related to one of the most famous music festivals in the world, the US Burning Man event. It’s called AfrikaBurn.

Zimbabwe is host of HIFA, the oldest and best music festival that showcases African music.


The best music festivals in Russia are a diverse mix of genres and,areheld across the country. JazzMay, Pirate Station, Afisha Picnic, Subbotnick and Park Live are some to consider.


Asia is a large continent, and its best music festivals are spread across it. If you’re serious about music, add these to your list:

For lovers of music, exploring some of the best music festivals around the world is a dream come true. Find a music festival that suits your taste and plan the adventure.

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