Frequent Traveller Australia Insurance

Frequent Traveller Australia Insurance is an annual policy with all the benefits of our Australia Only cover. It's the best choice if you travel domestically more than once or twice a year.

The plan provides unlimited cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits - cancellation cover applies from the moment you buy your policy for added peace of mind.

You and your accompanying spouse and dependent children or grandchildren under 21 are covered for additional expenses if you become sick or are unable to travel. Cover for lost luggage (including laptops, tablet computers, cameras, mobile phones and electronic gadgets) is also included.#

We provide you with up to $6,000 towards your excess if you have an accident while driving a rental vehicle, or it is damaged or stolen while in your custody.

The maximum journey period for any one trip is 37 days for leisure travel or 90 days for business travel.

Summary of benefits

Below you will find the summary of benefits for Worldcare's Frequent Traveller Australia plan.#

#Please read our Combined Financial Services Guide and Product Disclosure Statement carefully for full details of what we will and will not pay under this policy, and the exclusions and limits that apply.

Policy Limit
1: Cancellation Fees & Lost Deposits
4: Additional Expenses
6: Accidental Death
11: Luggage & Personal Effects (additional cover available)
12: Luggage & Personal Effects Delay Expenses
- Between 12 and 72 hours
- After 72 hours
13: Travel Delay Expenses
15: Personal Liability
$5 million
16: Rental Vehicle Excess
17: Domestic Pets
18: Domestic Services