Online Travel Insurance

Are you planning your holiday online? Travel Insurance is vital!

When making a major purchase online, it is important to stay alert to the risks. Planning holidays can be wonderful fun, and if you have the right insurance policy, you can be protected against risks (including unforseen cancellation, etc).

But how do you select the right insurance cover?

Online research increases your choices, and could potentially save you a few dollars that would otherwise go into a retailer’s pocket.

Just make sure the final choice is right for your needs.

If you're concerned about booking your holiday online, it's absolutely critical to have a travel insurance policy to cover you for the possible things that could go wrong. But you should make every effort to select a travel insurance policy that fits your needs.

Every Insurer is required to include a Product Disclosure Statement (PDS), which sets out the terms & conditions of the policy, including a Financial Services Guide(FSG) which in our case is in the PDS. The FSG outlines the relationships in arranging and managing your insurance, as well as setting out any commissions paid to third parties.

Worldcare Travel Insurance can save you money - make the right choice for you.