Worldcare offers a range of travel insurance policies for travel throughout the United States of America.

Wonderful USA! New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas – packed with fabulous attractions and events.

New York City Skyline

Iconic USA – cruising Route 66, San Francisco streetcars, Disneyland rides, the Times Square countdown, Lady Liberty, Silicon Valley start-ups.

Glamorous USA – Vegas sparkle, Broadway openings, Manhattan cocktails, Sunset Boulevard strolls, Bloomingdales shopping – so much to do and see!

The USA is the holiday destination of a lifetime, guaranteed to delight.

US National Parks

Risks of travelling to the USA

The USA is quite safe health-wise, but unlike Australia, it does not have a public health care system. So if you become ill or injured you will be liable for the cost of your treatment.

It’s a sad fact that the cost of medical treatment in the USA for travellers without insurance is enormous – up to two years’ salary.

A week-long hospital stay and treatment for a heart problem can cost up to AUD $200,000. An overnight stay in hospital for something as common as food poisoning could cost you about USD $10,000.

Also, some hospitals will not treat you at all without travel insurance – so it’s well worth considering as part of your travel budget.

While shopping in New York is wonderful, it’s also expensive, so it’s a good idea to insure against theft or lost bags. Covering yourself against losses from muggings or bag snatching is also wise.

The cost of skipping travel insurance

In 2014, Worldcare helped 123 Australians who travelled to the USA, ran into trouble and made a claim on their travel insurance policy.

Most of our total claims cost for the USA last year was for medical and hospital expenses (63%). Other common claims were for luggage and personal effects (9%) and cancellation fees and lost deposits (5%).

If you are injured or get sick while travelling in the USA, you can expect to be out of pocket an average of AUD $1,370 without travel insurance.

If your luggage or personal effects are lost, stolen or delayed in the USA, it could cost you an average of AUD $408 without insurance.

Covering any cancellation fees and lost deposits could leave you AUD $1,898 out of pocket on average.

So it’s worth considering travel insurance, which is not expensive and may save you considerable cost and trouble. Your travel insurance premium could be as little as AUD $100.  When you compare this to the potential expense if something goes wrong, it’s worth it.

Worldcare has a range of travel insurance options and inclusions to suit any USA holiday budget – even if yours is limited.

Before you travel to the USA

Welcome to Las Vegas

As well as personal injury, illness, theft, or other losses, it is important to consider natural or man-made disasters that may affect you in the USA. As soon as adverse events such as civil unrest, bad weather, natural disasters and others that may affect your trip hit mass media, you are not covered unless you already have travel insurance, as it’s no longer ‘unforeseen’.

So take it out before you leave and you should be eligible to claim. It’s wise to buy your insurance in advance of travelling, as you never know when disaster can strike and cause you to cancel or delay your trip. If you have your policy arranged well in advance of travelling, you are protected.