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How To Stay Safe In Brazil

With the increase of Australians heading over to Brazil for the FIFA World Cup, Worldcare has put together some statistics and helpful tips to help you stay safe. This infographic is a good go-to guide to ensure your South American holiday is an enjoyable one!

Brazil - The Ultimate Travel Guide

Adventures. Incredible scenery. Beach parties. Samba. History. Brazil is a firework display of a country that celebrates life from one day to the next.

5 Rewards and 5 Risks of travelling to Italy

Surrounded by the sparkling Mediterranean on one side and the crystal blue Adriatic on the other, Italy is a land of beautiful seascapes, mountains, villages, history and wonderful food! Check out our top rewards and risks for travelling there.

Italy - Top 10 Festivals for the Cultured

It seems that every town in Italy has its own festival or saint’s day, with dancing, food, wine and a procession. Whether your taste is for major events or quaint little local gatherings, our picks below will inspire you!

Italy – the Ultimate Travel Guide

Picturesque scenery, ancient historical sites, fabulous food and wine, friendly locals – and so many different experiences every time you go. Italy is one of our favourite spots in the world to holiday. Here are some of our top places and suggestions to help you have a great time and stay safe while travelling there.

Guide to the Best Food Festivals in the British Isles

The European summer season is a popular time for visitors from across the world. With mild weather and beautiful scenery, the period between May and July offers lots for tourists to enjoy, including dozens of annual food festivals across the nation.

UK Food Festivals

Planning a UK holiday? Worldcare highlights 15 of the UK's best food festivals in one infographic...

Italy – Hidden Gems

There’s so much to do and see in the land of la dolce vita (the sweet life)! So much colour, beauty and history wherever you go. Here are some of our favourites:


ANZAC Day is one of the most important national holidays on the Australian calendar. The day – April 25 – marks the anniversary of the first major military action in the First World War, as fought by the Australian and New Zealand armed forces who landed in Gallipoli on this day, 99 years ago. Ever since this important moment in time, Australians and New Zealanders have travelled back to where the troops fought in Gallipoli to honour their memories. The following infographic explains some of the other facts and figures that contributed to this period.

The vast wonders of Turkey - more than a place of remembrance

This year marks the 99th anniversary of ANZAC Day which will see thousands of people visit the city of Gallipoli to pay their respects and experience the area’s rich history. But the history of that renowned time isn’t all Turkey has to offer.Curious? The following outlines some of the great attractions and things to do in this vibrant country.

Turkey – Top 10 Festivals for the Cultured

Turkey is home to many cultural, food and film festivals throughout the year, held in venues varying from ancient amphitheatres, to modern theatres, exhibition centres, restaurants, cafes – even streets. If you are planning on attending, check the individual festival websites or with the tourism board for exact dates before you arrive, as they may vary from year to year. The biggest choice of events is usually during the summer months (June – September) but there are also events held throughout the year.

Turkey - top 10 hidden gems

There is so much history and ancient culture in Turkey that sometimes it’s easy to be overloaded. Here are our top picks and tips for some of the most interesting experiences.

Risks and Rewards of Travelling to Turkey

According to some sources, Turkey has more ancient historical sites than Italy and Greece put together! With its central location in the ancient world, Turkey has been invaded and settled for centuries, and today reflects influences from the Middle East,  Mediterranean, Balkans and Central Asia.

Turkey - the ultimate travel guide

It’s the only point on the planet where three continents converge – Europe, African and Asia. Turkey is a country of east and west cultures, surrounded by the Agean, Black and Mediterranean seas. It is considered to be the centre of world history, as it was at the heart of the Greek, Roman and Ottoman Empires.

Glamping around the nation – what it is and where to get your fix

For those who love to travel, the phrase 'glamping' may have come across your path before. While camping under a starry night sky may sound romantic, sleeping on rocks and pitching a tent is not quite so appealing. Glamping gives you the best of both worlds!