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Around the World in 8 Christmas Dishes

If you’re hosting Christmas dinner this festive season, why not branch out from the traditional roast turkey, glazed ham or seafood platter and impress your guests by adding an international flavour to your culinary repertoire?

UK - Hidden Gems

Chocolate box villages, patchwork fields, historic market towns and a wild and fascinating history – there is so much to see outside the main tourist spots in the UK. Here are some of our favourites.

UK - 5 Risks and 5 Rewards

The UK is the sixth most popular tourist destination in the world. Its capital city, London, has the most international visitors of any city in the world, and it’s easy to see why!

Worldcare Medical Repatriations - The Connelly Family's Story

Worldcare was one of the first Australian travel insurance providers to offer medical repatriations for Australians overseas.

UK - Top 10 Festivals for the Cultured

The UK is famous for its abundant music festivals, but there are also many outstanding writing, theatre, food, film and crafts events. Here are some of our best picks from small and local to internationally famous festivals in the UK.

UK - The Ultimate Travel Guide

Major cities, little seaside towns, wild walks, thatched cottages, historic castles, Tudor manor houses, great shopping – there’s so much to see and do in the UK. At its peak the British Empire was the master of the world and it’s still the eighth biggest tourist destination. Check out our tips for something different to see and do, safety and getting there and around.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17 Travel Advisory (AU)

We would first like to extend our deepest sympathy to all those affected by this event. The following information concerns those affected by Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 on 18 July 2014.

Worldcare recognised in Mozo Experts Choice Awards 2014

Worldcare Travel Insurance took out two awards at this year’s Mozo Experts Choice Awards for Travel Insurance.

The World’s Riskiest Cities for Natural Disasters

They’re uncontrollable and unpreventable and can have a devastating impact on countries overnight. From the destruction of buildings and homes to the spread of disease, the emotional and economic aftershocks of a natural disaster can take years to subside.

Mo's Diner – Manitou Springs, Colorado

One of this senior road warrior's cardinal rules is to, whenever possible, eat where the locals eat. Granted I love gourmet food and vintage single malts, but I can find those anywhere. If I'm in Istanbul, Edinburgh, Beijing or Cozumel, I'm not interested in their take on a cheeseburger. I'm interested in discovering the local cuisine and in meeting the folks who eat it where they love to eat it.

The Flags Of The Commonwealth Games

This year’s Commonwealth Games will see people from around the globe travelling to Scotland to participate in the world’s second-largest multi-sports event. The team at Worldcare thought it would be fun to take a closer look at the array of national flags that will be proudly flying over the 11-day event.

Brazil: The Non-Footballers Guide

So you are lucky enough to get dragged all the way over to South America by your football-mad partner? Never fear, our Non-Footballers Guide to Brazil is here! Although Brazilians live and breathe all things football, the country offers a lot of distractions off the pitch too; from the tablelands and mountains of the country's beautiful national parks, to the rich culinary pedigree in its vibrant cities. Here are a few things you can do while your partner is in a bar arguing about a referee’s bad call…

Brazil - Top 10 Festivals for the Cultured

Brazil – land of the original 24-hour party! Brazil is known worldwide for friendliness, parties, beaches, samba, music and all-night fun. Here are some of our picks for national and local celebrations. (Be sure to check dates if you go, as some follow the religious calendar and vary year to year).

Brazil - 10 Hidden Gems

Secluded beaches, unique wildlife, fun water parks, culture and history, or samba – there are so many different experiences in Brazil! Here are a few of our favourites.

Brazil - 5 Risks and 5 Rewards

We explore five risks and five rewards of travelling in Brazil.