Compare Travel Insurance

Compare Travel Insurance Suppliers: Find the Right Match for You!

A travel budget is a wonderful thing, every single dollar is about fun and exploration. Surely you don't want to give away any of those precious holiday dollars to a travel insurance company.

That said, you can find the right balance of product and price if you compare travel insurance suppliers and find the best balance between quality and value.

Worldcare has been in the business of taking care of Aussies while travelling overseas for almost 20 years now. Don't let the face lift fool you, we're not addicted to cosmetic surgery. It was our 20th birthday in 2009, and we just want to stay young and beautiful forever. (Ha ha!)

Compare travel insurance on offer, look at ours, look at our competitors, and decide which product is right for you it's that simple.

When every dollar represents holiday fun, you should be doubly responsible when choosing insurance.

Our policies cover unexpected cancellation, medical, luggage & personal belongings, liability, car rental excesses and all kinds of out of pocket costs that could arise if something unexpected goes wrong during your holiday.

Take the hassle and worry out of travel insurance: compare today.

Compare travel insurance products and prices and find the mix that best fits your situation.