Cancellation Travel Insurance

Delays or cancellation of your travel plans could be caused by many reasons such as illness, accidents or other unforeseen circumstances. What would happen to your holiday if:

  • you lose your passport and can't get a replacement in time for your trip?
  • you or your spouse becomes sick or injured?
  • there is a baggage-handlers strike?
  • a cyclone hits the resort you're booked into?

You could be charged high cancellation fees - in some cases this could be a large percentage of what you have paid the agent or company - if you are forced to cancel.

Our cancellation benefits cover you for out-of-pocket costs relating to the cancellation of some or all of your planned journey. We even cover for loss of your frequent flyer points, if you've used them to book your journey.

Depending on the policy you purchased, we offer up to unlimited cover for cancellation fees and lost deposits for pre-paid travel arrangements cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances that are neither expected nor intended by you and which are outside your control, such as sickness, accidents, strikes, collisions, retrenchment or natural disasters.

You might be travelling domestically within Australia, and taking only hand luggage with you. So travel insurance to cover medical care or lost baggage might not be a priority. But does your airfare allow for changes or cancellations without high penalties?