Why Buy Travel Insurance

Unforeseen travel disruptions, natural disasters or unexpected medical emergencies - though no-one likes to plan for unexpected events, they do happen.

Whether you're travelling for business, a family holiday or the adventure of a lifetime, Worldcare has choices to protect your investment and give you complete peace of mind.

Here are some customer case studies on different travel insurance options.

The family holiday

Steve and Leanne Porter are married with two young girls aged 7 and 9. They both loved island holidays and would head to Daydream Island every year for a week-long family vacation. As Steve had a company car with a fuel allowance, they would drive up to Proserpine from Brisbane, and the girls and Leanne would fly home while Steve drove the car back to Brisbane. They decided they wouldn't need medical insurance because Medicare would cover any medical treatment they might need. Leanne decided to take out cancellation, theft and personal liability cover, in spite of Steve's opinion that it was an unnecessary expense for domestic travel.

The single woman traveller

Stacey was a successful single woman in the banking industry in her late 40s. Each year she would travel to Europe as a Flashpacker - flying Business Class everywhere but staying in hostels and pensions to save money for her flights, food and sightseeing. (She liked the informal company in hostels, and often picked up some helpful travel tips from local people.) She used a range of credit cards while travelling, which she thought would cover her for anything unexpected on her next trip through Portugal, the Basque country and Southern France.

The empty nesters

The Fordhams are a couple in their mid-50s. Jeff was a QC, and approaching the end of a successful career as a top silk. Heather had for 15 years run her own successful Event Management company but had recently sold the business to spend more time developing her new home-based business, and caring for their mildly disabled son. (Heather had a medical history which had affected her pregnancy.) They decided on approaching their 55th birthdays to train and go for a guided walk in the Himalayas.

Choosing travel insurance to suit you

These people and their travel situations would all need slightly different travel insurance policies. Insurance policies and coverage can vary depending on the provider, and it's a good idea to check your policy to make sure you're covered for every contingency, but also not paying for things you don't need.

Emergency medical cover

The Fordhams were concerned about Heather's medical history, so they discussed her pre-existing condition with their insurance provider. In fact Heather's history did not prevent them from taking out travel insurance, so they decided on full Comprehensive cover, for the emergency medical benefit, and cover for flight cancellations, delays, and lost baggage. Just as well, because their bags containing all their walking gear disappeared overnight in Annapurna. During the walk, Jeff slipped and broke his leg half way down the trail. He could only get off the mountain on a pony, which badly damaged his leg, requiring a helicopter medilift back to Nepal for treatment. The cost of the medical care and transport without travel insurance could have meant that their son was left without enough money to keep him in care for the future.

Delays and cancellations

Leanne and the girls were due to fly back from their holiday on the Sunday evening as Leanne was due to start work the next day. However that day their flight was cancelled due to cyclone warnings. Heavy rain from the cyclone meant no flights in or out of Proserpine for three days, so they were forced to extend their stay at the resort. The Porters suffered more bad luck; while driving back from Proserpine, a four-wheel drive rear-ended Steve in a four-car pile-up on the slippery roads. Fortunately, Steve was not hurt, but worried about the excess which his company would charge him for being involved in an accident while using the car on a personal trip. Fortunately the extra accommodation and meals, and car insurance excess were covered.


Stacey decided to take out comprehensive cover in spite of her credit card coverage. Just as well - her passport, visa papers, phone, and credit cards were all stolen while she was asleep in a shared dorm. Her travel insurance covered the replacement costs.

Worldcare Travel Insurance has assisted thousands of Australians like the people in this story, with medical expenses, repatriation, interpretation, replacement of lost or stolen goods, and reimbursement for expenses due to cancellations, for over 20 years. Wherever your travels take you, you'll know that you have complete reassurance while you're away.

Our cover options include:

  • Budget Travel Insurance - this budget option covers you for overseas medical and repatriation assistance, as well as personal liability.
  • Australia Only Travel Insurance - for travel within Australia; this plan covers you for delays and cancellations, loss or damage to luggage and personal effects, and more.
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance - for international travel; including substantial cancellation, luggage, medical/repatriation, accident and liability cover. This plan is suitable for holiday or business travels.
  • Frequent Traveller Australia Insurance - perfect for the business or leisure traveller who travels often within Australia. It's an annual insurance policy that provides comprehensive cover for domestic travel.
  • Frequent Traveller International Insurance - this plan is perfect for the business or leisure traveller who travels often. It's an annual insurance policy that provides comprehensive cover for international travel.