Student Travel Insurance

Planning your gap year? Gearing up for schoolies? Or just heading off with your friends to explore the world?

It's a good idea to leave some budget for travel insurance. It costs less than you think and will save you a lot of drama.

Losing your luggage in a foreign country is not fun. Neither is treatment for malaria in a third world hospital. And the costs of medical treatment in first world countries can mean you'll be paying it off for years, without insurance.

Spend a minute to . Just enter where you're going and for how long and we'll give you a price straightaway. You can book it online too - all done in seconds!

It will be a good price, too - we're one of the cheapest around. But we don't skimp on quality.

With Worldcare cover is provided for accidents and injury, loss of your belongings, illness, cancellations, delays and theft - in fact pretty much everything that might happen to you on the road. So you can work in that orphanage, or take that skiing trip, or have fun at Oktoberfest and not worry.

Make sure you're covered for the unexpected. Your friends need you.