Annual Multi Trip Travel Insurance

If you're planning on taking more than one trip this year, or you travel frequently, it may be much cheaper for you to take out annual travel insurance rather than paying for each trip.

Worldcare has a Frequent Traveller policy, which is a 12 month policy providing comprehensive insurance cover for multiple journeys within a year, for people travelling either within Australia or overseas. Maximum journey periods apply - 37 days for leisure travel or 90 days for business travel.

Here are some examples of customers with different needs who have benefited from using our Frequent Traveller policy.

The married couple travelling internationally

Alison and Manny are a married couple in their mid 30s, who took frequent trips to New Zealand, where they were building an investment property with plans to move there to have a family (Manny's family were based in Wellington). As well as flying about four times a year from Melbourne to Wellington, they also enjoyed weekend shopping trips to Sydney and a once a year holiday skiing in Italy. Alison was also a chronic asthmatic.

Annual travel and Ski Insurance

Alison and Manny decided that it was more economical for them to take out a 12 month travel insurance policy, for their domestic and New Zealand flights, as they flew so frequently. They also chose to take out extra Emergency Medical Cover and Ski Insurance, for their overseas holiday.

Though they knew that New Zealand has a Reciprocal Health Agreement with Australia, they knew they would have to be treated as a public patient, which would mean long delays, if they were injured while skiing. Also, Reciprocal Health Agreements do not cover emergency medical repatriation to Australia, if this were required, or medications if Alison required extras for her asthma.

The solo business traveller

Peter was a lecturer in Business, and Business Coach, based in Melbourne, with clients in Melbourne and Sydney. A regular tutorial at Sydney University meant he travelled to Sydney every Thursday, sometimes accompanied by his wife and 14-year-old youngest daughter, who would stay the weekend with relatives.

Once a year they would visit their holiday home in 1770 for two weeks, flying most of the way and renting a car for the rest of the trip. Peter would always travel with his state of the art laptop, and his wife always brought her Nikon (she was a keen amateur photographer). Their much-loved cat was looked after by their oldest son, who house-minded for them while they were away.

Annual travel policy - dependents travel free

Peter decided to take out a 12 month multi-trip travel insurance through his own company to cover his business and personal trips for delays, cancellations, personal liability and lost luggage, as it worked out much cheaper than individual coverage, per trip. His family was also covered for free when they travelled with him, which meant they did not need their own policies.

This decision turned out to be a wise one. Peter's laptop went missing from his lecture room towards the end of semester. The day they were about to leave on their annual holiday, his daughter contracted food poisoning and was unable to travel, and the fare conditions on their flight meant they could not rebook. While they were on their annual holiday, their cat was injured in a fight and vet bills began to mount. However all these mishaps were covered by their Frequent Traveller policy, so they were not as disastrous as they might have been.

If you're someone who travels often, within Australia or overseas, the Frequent Traveller policy has been designed especially for you. It's a 12 month policy providing comprehensive insurance cover for multiple journeys within a year, and is tailored to business and leisure travellers who need high-quality coverage with a minimum of fuss.

Coverage starts when you leave your home and finishes when you return, for each individual trip. Maximum journey periods apply - 37 days for leisure travel or 90 days for business travel. And you're also covered if your trip is cancelled from the moment you buy your policy.

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