Additional Luggage Cover

Luggage cover is one of the most utilised benefits in travel insurance policies. Imagine the frustration of having your belongings lost/stolen/damaged while you are overseas .

The Comprehensive, Australia Only and Frequent Traveller plans provide you with the following benefit limits as standard cover for luggage and personal belongings:

  • Comprehensive: $12,000 Single/Duo cover or $24,000 Family cover
  • Australia Only: $5,000 Single/Duo cover or $10,000 Family cover
  • Frequent Traveller International: $24,000
  • Frequent Traveller Australia: $10,000

The following item limits apply to the above plans under a standard policy:

$3,000 for personal computers, video recorders and cameras$1,000, mobile phones (including PDAs and any items with phone capabilities)$750 for all other unspecified items. If you require additional cover, you can purchase specified luggage cover of up to $5,000 for all items combined by paying an additional premium.