International Travel Insurance

Planning a holiday overseas? Cover yourself for the unexpected with Worldcare's international travel insurance.

Australia has one of the best and cheapest medical benefits systems in the world in Medicare - but most of the international world does not. The cost of emergency medical expenses, such as hospital stays, doctors' fees, medications and anesthetics can be up to 2 years average salary or more, if you don't have travel insurance.

  • The cost of an overnight stay in a hospital in New York is about US$10,000 per night.
  • The cost of replacing a stolen passport and cash in Thailand could cost around A$2500.
  • The average cost of a week-long hospital stay due to a heart attack in New York last year was $AUD200,000.

But consider this:

  • Travel insurance for emergency medical care in New York can cost $106.
  • Travel insurance to replace a stolen passport and cash in Thailand can cost only $68.

It's worth considering travel insurance for your peace of mind.

Worldcare offers top-quality international travel insurance policies to cover you against unexpected emergencies overseas. Our standard policies for international travel are:

  • Budget Travel Insurance - this budget plan covers you for overseas medical and repatriation assistance, as well as personal liability.
  • Comprehensive Travel Insurance - for international travellers; includes substantial cancellation, luggage, medical/repatriation, accident and liability cover. Suitable for holiday or business travels.
  • Frequent Traveller Insurance - comprehensive cover for multiple journeys taken during a calendar year (maximum journey periods apply); perfect for the business traveler or anyone else who travels often.

You can select a single or multi trip travel insurance product that suits your personal needs.

If you would like more information, or just prefer not to book online, you can also contact our Call Centre on 1800 008 614 and we'll talk you through the options.