Why Choose Us?

For starters, Worldcare Travel Insurance is a Cannex 5-Star award-winning company. Here are a few more reasons why we're a great choice for travel insurance.

Value for money

Looking for cheap travel insurance? Buying direct from us online means you save - sometimes fees can add up on top of the basic premium.

We're with the biggest

Worldcare is underwritten by Allianz Australia Insurance Limited, one of the world's largest insurance companies. And our emergency assistance provider is Allianz Global Assistance - one of the world's leading assistance companies based right here in Australia. We have the size, expertise and resources to help no matter where you travel.

One call does it all

With one call to our 24-hour contact centre we can handle your policy purchase, manage your claim and oversee your emergency medical assistance. No fuss and more time to enjoy your travels.

What's more, our 24-hour medical assistance helpdesk is staffed by qualified nurses. So if you have a medical emergency and need advice, the people you're talking to can give you the right kind of help.

We're everywhere

Our global assistance provider, Allianz Global Assistance, has an office or agents in or close to every location you're likely to travel to. They have all the medical expertise you'll need. They're also experts in the local language and customs - so if you need translation or help with local issues, we're there.


You can be confident we'll be there if it comes time to make a claim. And you can now submit a claim online to make things even easier.

Flexibility, choice and good value

When selecting your travel insurance policy, you can choose our Comprehensive, Budget or Frequent Traveller plans, for Domestic or International Travel. If you have a pre-existing condition, our standard travel insurance policy provides cover for 43 pre-existing medical conditions absolutely free, provided that you have not been hospitalised (including Day Surgery or Emergency Department attendance) for that condition in the past 24 months. Our Comprehensive plan is available for travellers 85 years and under. Our Frequent Traveller and Budget plan is available for travellers 71 years and under. Incremental age loadings do apply from 51 years.